About us

Voler Drones has been providing professional surveys and inspections using specialised drone equipment in Scotland. We are experts in UAV or drone aerial imaging, which allows us to complete a high-definition survey that provides you with current and detailed images of your work-site or project location.


  • Building Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • Solar Panel inspection
  • Drone Surveying
  • Thermal Imaging


  • Construction Industry
  • Private Homeowners
  • Renewable Energy Sector
  • Wind Energy (Turbines)
  • Industrial Inspections
Key Benefits
  • More cost-effective than traditional methods.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • Survey hazardous areas with minimal ground access.
  • Less time on site
  • Survey Inaccessible areas
  • Survey areas which are unsuitable for manned aircraft.
  • Reduce working at heights.
  • Access confined spaces or potentially dangerous areas.
  • Reduce traffic management requirements.


Our faultless safety record has earned us special CAA permissions, allowing us to fly up to 400ft above ground level with the highest level of safety, so we can capture high quality aerial data. Our focus is to provide price-competitive surveys that are delivered on time and to the highest possible standard. Safety is crucial to our flying activities; therefore the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has reviewed and approved our flight safety systems before awarding us with formal permission to perform aerial work. There are many strict procedures that we perform before taking off, designed to make sure every flight is safe and that any potential hazards are acknowledged and controlled. Procedures include pre-site surveys, task-specific risk assessments and equipment checks.
There are legal criteria relating to the operation of remote piloted air systems, therefore the permissions we have been granted by the CAA dictate what we can and cannot do. Due to these approvals, your project request is discussed first with you to ensure we can go ahead. This is because safety is our biggest priority.
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