We are one of the leading drone companies in Scotland and offer drone technology to various sectors including:

Private Homeowners

Voler Drones offer services intended for roof inspections using a state-of-the-art drone. Whether it is a detached house, a building or an industrial site, this technique aims to identify and analyse structural faults (infiltration, deformation, etc.).
Do you need an inspection for damage prevention on roofs? Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Renewable Energy Sector

UAVs are very useful in the energy and renewable energy sector. They allow us to inspect solar panels or dams, but also to get as close as possible to dangerous areas, such as offshore platforms, nuclear power plants and wind turbines.
Voler Drones uses industry-leading UAVs for the observation and maintenance of renewable energy structures that are difficult for humans to access.

Wind Turbines

Voler Drones undertakes inspection and monitoring solution for wind turbine blades by drone. We use UAVs to inspect the blades of wind turbines of those located both on and off-shore.
Traditionally this was an expensive activity and above all very dangerous for human technicians, who visually assess the condition of the blades by being towed by ropes -Drones are capable of unmatched inspection and monitoring.

Structural preservation
Spot erosions, cracks and general wear with the high definition camera.

Locate faults
Detect electrical malfunctions with thermal cameras.

Assembly faults
Detect assembly faults and access dangerous or difficult to access areas with cameras with 30x zoom.

Industrial Inspections

Drones are an essential tool for carrying out industrial inspections; they make it possible to control and inspect all types of buildings or industrial equipment. Piloted by qualified professionals and CAA certified, drones can be equipped with various materials, high definition camera, specific sensors or thermal camera, to inspect, control or verify all types of industrial sites. It allows quick monitoring of the most difficult to access or dangerous places for technicians, without having to use expensive and time-consuming means. The drone will make it possible to limit the duration of inspections and thus limit as much as possible the downtime of the equipment and installations inspected, with a minimum loss of productivity for manufacturers. There are different possibilities for inspections by drone, visual or technical by thermography or photogrammetry.

Construction Industry

The use of drones in the construction industry is numerous, and apparent wherever the ability to view a project from a high vantage point would be helpful. Drones are an invaluable tool for surveying both existing buildings and development sites.
They can be equipped with more sophisticated equipment for geo-location or infrared and coupled with software solutions to create 3D models of sites. Drones could do away with the need for viewing platforms for surveying sites and monitoring activity on site.
In order to meet the demanding requirements in the construction industry, we can help contractors obtain the documentation that fully meets municipal and government requests.