Welcome to the world of high-quality aerial data capture and imaging.
At Voler Drones we use the latest and most advanced technologies available to improve, assist and support you in all your inspection requirements.
Drones allow a means of access to collect and record innovative information thanks to on-board sensors. The contribution of this innovative information is an undeniable asset whatever the sector.

Roof Inspections

Home inspections are now one of the main applications of drones and we can inspect your roof with precision, speed and cost reduction. We operate both in rural areas and in cities, taking into account the laws in force on the use of airspace by a drone.
We use a drone fitted with high-end digital photography and video camera equipment to allow a complete inspection on the condition of the roofs: rust, broken slates, cracks, etc.

Thermal Imaging

Voler Drones also uses thermography by drone. This technique is used in the inspection of photovoltaic panels, the detection of heat leaks and the performance of thermal diagnostics. Advantages: • Detecting the weak points of a building, a production plant or a heating network to compensate for technical losses and the decline in performance. • Limiting environmental risks.

• Power line inspection
• Solar panel inspection
• Real estate thermal diagnosis
• Precision farming
• Fight against fire

Drone Surveying

The surveying services provided by Voler Drones include aerial surveys, inspection and mapping for power lines, pipelines, railways and trams, roads and highways, telecommunications, coastlines, watercourses and expanses, wind farms on land and at sea and environmental control.

  • Marketing and public relations images and videos
  • 3D visualization and augmented reality
  • Mapping of buried networks and detection of unexploded ordnance
  • surveying and topography
  • Mapping of environmental constraints and areas of visual influence

Voler Drones

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) software
  • Global positioning system (GPS)
  • Terrain modelling
  • 3D visualizations 
  • Aerial surveillance and video 
  • Presentation of integrated information

Solar Panel inspection

We take advantage of the latest technology, using an ultra-high-performance, professional drone to fly over your solar energy plant, allowing us to identify all defective panels. It is equipped with a thermal camera which scans each solar panel and identifies the hotspots that indicate faults.
The thermography drone is a reliable method: with a thermal camera, the UAV transmits infrared images to highlight any cell fault.
The mobility of drones offers the possibility of obtaining complete thermal scans. These devices can fly over all types of surfaces, such as roofs and solar farms.

Building Inspections

There are many things to watch on a site and an aerial view greatly facilitates management. We offer many services and solutions by leveraging our expertise and experience in the field of construction and engineering and can offer you the best solutions, adapted to your specific needs.
  • Verification of deliveries and equipment.
  • Keep customers and third parties informed of developments.
  • Monitor the progress of construction work.
  • Roof inspection.
  • Bridge inspection.
  • Power line inspection.
  • Road markings.
  • Pavement condition.
  • Vegetation encroachment.
  • The general condition of roads.